IJME welcomes submissions from the global community, particularly those engaging collaboration from multinational researchers. To provide adequate reviews to submissions from the world, we also need reviewers from the global community. So we welcome to invite reviewers who can provide substantial, timely, and constructive comments to our authors. When you register as a reviewer, please list your geographical expertise (e.g., country names) as well as your topical, methodological, and/or theoretical expertiese as your review interests. 

Call for Special Issue Proposals for 2017

We invite guest editors to propose a spcial issue for 2017. The special issue will be published in February 2017.  Details for how to submit the special issue proposal are available from here.  Be part of the growing global community of IJME readers and authors.  
Posted: 2015-09-25

IJME is ranked within the best 100 scholarly journals in cultural studies.

According to SJR (Scientific Journal Rank), IJME is the 61st best among selected global academic journals in the field of cultural studies with the impact factor of .29. The global access to the journal is growing. Be part of the growing trend!  
Posted: 2015-09-25

Book Reviews will discontinue from 2016

Book reviews will discontinue from 2016. No submissions will be accepted for the book review sections.  
Posted: 2015-02-18

A perfect multicultural education teaching and learning tool!

A 30-minute DVD, Multicultural Education: Past, Present, and Future, is available for purchase. It features interviews with distinquished scholars and practitioners of multicultural education: Drs. Rose Duhon-Sells, Donna Gollnick, Carl Grant, Christorpher Knaus, Kevin Kumashiro, Sonia Nieto, Francisco Rios, and Christine Sleeter.   
Posted: 2013-11-09 More...

Call for Peer Reviewers!

The International Journal of Multicultural Education (IJME) invites peer reviewers who are experts in their respected subdisciplines of multicultural education and other related disciplines.  
Posted: 2008-06-23 More...
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