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Yonsei University
Institute for Educational Research


Eonsei University


IJME is sponsored by Yonsei University (The Institute for Educational Research) in South Korea.


Sources of Support

IJME expresses sincere appreciation to Eastern University where Dr. Heewon Chang, Editor-in-Chief, has held a faculty position in PhD in Organizational Leadership and M.Ed. in Multicultural Education for having provided partial financial and in-kind support to the operation of Electronic Maganize of Multicultural Education (1999-2006) and International Journal of Multicultural Education (2007-present). In addition, IJME acknowledges co-sponsorship with Yonsei University's Department of Education for their partial financial and personnel support since 2015.   The support of these two universities and the volunteer service of editors, authors, and reviewers from the global community have sustained EMME and IJME since 1999.  open-access scholarly journals that espouse the mission of freely sharing high quality scholarly content with global users.