Special Issue: Call for Guest Editors

IJME recognizes the valuable perspectives of Indigenous educators and scholars in the 21st century and invites a team of guest editors to host a special issue devoted to Indigenous Perspectives and Experiences in Education to be published in late 2022. It is preferred that individuals or groups of editorial candidates have Indigenous perspectives and that these perspectives are reflected in the special issue proposal. To apply for this guest editorship, candidates are asked to:

  1. Describe the Indigenous education theme the editors would like to highlight in 500-600 words. Possible special issue theme examples include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Indigenizing educational programs
  • Decolonizing mentoring programs for Indigenous students
  • Experiences of Indigenous peoples in the academy
  • Indigenous approaches to land-based education
  • Indigenous futurities and education
  • Native science
  1. Include a biographical/positionality paragraph for each editor (150 words each).
  2. Include a description of the editors’ ability to manage a journal special issue, including securing peer reviewers, managing multiple submissions, and working with a timeline. We welcome critical and decolonizing perspectives. No prior experience with IJME’s electronic Open Journal System is required, but a willingness to learn how to operate it is a must.
  3. Include a cv and sample publication from each editor.

IJME will work with the selected editorial team to establish a timeline and finalize a call for papers. The guest editor application deadline is May 15, 2021.

Please submit all application materials to sherry.marx@usu.edu