Towards a Different Construction of Blackness: Black Immigrant Scholars on Racial Identity Development in the United States

Kathy-Ann C. Hernandez, Kayon K. Murray-Johnson


In this collaborative autoethnography, two immigrants interrogate their evolving self-definitions as Black women in the U.S. academy. Using a variety of data sources, they uncover several commonalities and differences in their experiences which have coalesced into a four-part model in their journey towards a different construction of Black identity: positioning themselves in the Black box, apprehending their outsider-within positionalilty, navigating the “us/them” to “we” switch, and integrating a different construction of Blackness while remaining true to their cultural/ethnic identity. In elaborating on these themes, they critique the journey towards apprehending minority identity status for people like them.


Black Identity, Women of Color, Immigrant, Intersectionality, collaborative autoethnography

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