¡Ya basta con la ciudadanía restrictiva!: Undocumented Latina/o Young People and Their Families’ Participatory Citizenship

Leticia Alvarez Gutiérrez


This article describes a community-based participatory action research project (PAR), “Voces Diversas e Importantes” [Diverse and Important Voices] that the intergenerational Family School Partnership (FSP) collective enacted to support citizenship participation and increase the possibilities undocumented Latina/o students and families have for transforming practices and perspectives within the school context and community. In this PAR project undocumented young people and their families challenge the notion that legal citizenship alone provides educational rights and equity. Central to this study is how participants troubled and disrupted the racialization and gendered components of citizenship as well transformed their participation into leadership practices that leveraged organizational changes and heightened positive educational pathways for young undocumented students in the high school. 


family engagement, racialized and gendered citizenship, participatory action research, resistance

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