Computing with Relevance and Purpose: A Review of Culturally Relevant Education in Computing

Jessica Morales-Chicas, Mauricio Castillo, Ireri Bernal, Paloma Ramos, Bianca Guzman


The purpose of the present review was to identify culturally responsive education (CRE) tools and strategies within K-12 computing education. A systematic literature review of studies on CRE across 20 years was conducted. A narrative synthesis was applied to code the final studies into six themes: sociopolitical consciousness raising, heritage culture through artifacts, vernacular culture, lived experiences, community connections, and personalization. These common themes in CRE can help empower and attend to the needs of marginalized students in technology education. Furthermore, the review serves as an important overview for researchers and educators attempting to achieve equity in computing education.


ethnocomputing, culturally responsive computing, culturally responsive teaching, technology, equity

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