Engaging in Travesuras: A Latino Fifth-Grader’s Disassociation from the Schoolboy Label

Kimberley Kennedy Cuero, Maria Kaylor


This case study examines José, a bilingual Latino fifth-grader, and his complex and dynamic engagements in travesuras (mischievous behaviors). José’s travesuras served to disassociate him from being labeled a “schoolboy.” This disassociation was evident in how José: (1) renounced “school-like” work and (2) downplayed his intelligence. José had been pigeonholed—for the most part—as a smart student who should have known better than to behave inappropriately. Implications point to how to create more nurturing and enriching experiences for urban Latino youth such as José.


bilingual education; qualitative case study; Latino student; elementary; resistance

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18251/ijme.v12i1.269

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