La Casa De Esperanza: The House That Multicultural Education Built

Francisco Rios


Using a house (la casa) as a metaphor, this manuscript attempts to provide a broad overview of the field of multicultural education as an academic discipline. It includes viewing multicultural education from a macrolevel perspective (el barrio), describing many paths multicultural educators have taken (los calles), and reading the stories of oppression and resistance which they face (los paredes). It details the icons in the field (la entrada), the people with whom we work everyday (la sala), the places for networking and academic engagement (el patio), the myths and stereotypes as well as our responses to these about multicultural education (la cocina), and the tough issues we have yet to address fully (el ropero). It ends with a description of promising practices and a long-term vision (including the DREAM Act) for multicultural education (el techo). Chicano Art is used throughout.


Multicultural education; multicultural teacher education, Chicano art

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