Fraudulent/Predatory Journal Alert

We have learned that a fraudulent entity has copied content from the International Journal of Multicultural Education (IJME) open journal system and is purporting to be IJME. This fraudulent journal is predatory in that it charges a substantial publication fee, does not index “published” articles, and does not require blind peer review.

This false journal is using the contact information and Whatsapp: +1 605-824-1953 [sic]. Messages originated from these addresses are fraudulent and may include requests to submit articles as well as promises to quickly publish submissions using an expedited peer review.

We are taking steps to neutralize this predatory entity.

Be assured that the genuine IJME is free, relies on blind peer review, and remains open access with the mission of being an accessible, high quality, peer-reviewed, and reputable journal with a 25 year history. IJME’s official website remains and we use the email address: Fraudulent/predatory journals are becoming more prevalent, particular those with an international focus and audience. Please assess journal websites carefully before submitting your work and use extreme caution if your paper has been accepted with minimal peer review and/or you are being asked to pay a fee to the journal.