Critical Multicultural Analysis of Award-winning Texts Representing Latina/o/e Experiences


  • Kristen L. Pratt Western Oregon University
  • Kelly Puzio Washington State University
  • Ying-Hsuan Lee National Academy for Educational Research
  • Leeah Crawford-Tobias
  • Amanda Hatton-Chamberlain



multicultural literacy, critical multicultural analysis, bilingual education, culturally sustaining pedagogy


ABSTRACT: The Pura Belpré Award honors Latina/o/e writers and illustrators whose works are acknowledged as best portraying, affirming, and celebrating Latina/o/e cultural experiences for children and youth. Using a critical content analysis of 14 chapter books that received the award, we share findings that reveal the texts consistently portrayed Latina/o/e central characters through asset-based frameworks. The critical content analysis indicated that the central characters demonstrated the asset-based strengths of interdependence and resourcefulness. Interdependence was demonstrated with families and communities, and remarkable resourcefulness was evidenced by pooling physical, internal, and social resources to creatively solve challenges. Implications for practice, especially in relation to supporting culturally sustaining pedagogy in classrooms, are discussed.




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Pratt, K. L., Puzio, K., Lee, Y.-H., Crawford-Tobias, L., & Hatton-Chamberlain, A. (2023). Critical Multicultural Analysis of Award-winning Texts Representing Latina/o/e Experiences. International Journal of Multicultural Education, 25(1), 81–102.



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