Fostering Pre-service English Teachers’ Intercultural Awareness through Lesson Designs


  • Chin-Wen Chien National Tsing Hua University



authenticity, home culture, intercultural awareness, lesson designs, target culture


This study explored Taiwanese pre-service teachers’ intercultural awareness through lesson designs. Based on the data analysis of textbook evaluation; lesson plans; self, peer, and expert evaluations on lesson plans; videos; and reflection notes, this study had the following major findings. First, the textbook evaluation helped the participants to identify the visual culture and linguistic elements in the textbooks and their relevance to young Taiwanese learners’ home or target culture. However, these participants lacked competence in identifying the appropriateness and authenticity of the cultural concepts in the textbooks, introducing relevant cultural issues, and designing activities on practice and production procedure.

Author Biography

Chin-Wen Chien, National Tsing Hua University

Chin-Wen Chien received her Doctor of Education degree from the University of Washington (Seattle, USA). She is an associate professor in Department of English Instruction of National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan. Her research interests include language education, language teacher education, and curriculum and instruction.




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Chien, C.-W. (2022). Fostering Pre-service English Teachers’ Intercultural Awareness through Lesson Designs. International Journal of Multicultural Education, 24(1), 88–112.



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