Fostering Culturally Relevant Teaching Through Family Visits




home visits, family visits, culturally relevant pedagogy, culturally sustaining pedagogy, professional development


This study examines if teachers can learn to be more culturally relevant in their classrooms by reading culturally relevant literature and then engaging in the practice of family visits. The study employed a basic qualitative design with data sources such as transcripts of discussions and visits, interviews, and participant journals. Results show that family visits led to new and more culturally relevant classroom practices.  Based on this study, teachers who engage with culturally relevant training, including the practice of family visits, may become more culturally relevant in their classrooms.

Author Biography

Laura Szech, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Laura Szech is an assistant professor in North Carolina. She earned her PhD in Language, Literacy, and Culture from the University of Iowa in 2019. Her research focuses on the power dynamics at the intersection of family, community, and schools, specifically considering how teachers become more culturally sustaining by participating in book clubs and family visits.




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Szech, L. (2022). Fostering Culturally Relevant Teaching Through Family Visits. International Journal of Multicultural Education, 24(3), 51–71.



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