Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of Immigrants and Possibilities of Transformative Pedagogy: Recommendations for a Praxis of "Critical Aesthetics"

Morna McDermott, Nancy Rankie Shelton, Stephen G. Mogge


To address anti-immigration sentiments revealed by preservice educators, the authors conducted a workshop using a “critical-aesthetic praxis.” The purpose of the workshop was to create a praxis (Freire, 1970;1998) of critical aesthetics (Carey, 1998) in which preservice teachers engaged in a series of aesthetically grounded experiences aimed at revealing and disorienting their previously conceived notions about immigration.  The workshop lay the groundwork for a re-orientation of understanding based on perspectives of the “the Other” and builds a transformative curriculum in teacher education programs.  Such practices must become more integral facets of teacher preparation programs to promote an anti-racist pedagogy. 


immigration; drama; preservice teachers; children's literature

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