Multicultural Education as Community Engagement: Policies and Planning in a Transnational Era

Kathryn A Davis, Prem Phyak, Thuy Thi Ngoc Bui


Through viewing multicultural education as policy and planning that is enacted at national, regional, and local levels in Nepal and Vietnam, we explore the challenges and possibilities of engaging communities. We examine transnationalism, neoliberalism, and globalization as these impact national policies, community ideologies, regional/local economy, social welfare, and education. Critical ethnographic studies further focus on history, place, and culture in engaging communities of policy makers, educators, students, families and activists in reflection and transformation, policy making, and planning. These studies serve to re-envision multicultural education as critical community engagement and transformation within a transnational era.


Multiculturalism; community engagement; language/culture policy & planning

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