“God Gave Us Two Ears and One Mouth for a Reason”: Building on Cultural Wealth through a Call-and-Response Pedagogy

Tyson E. J. Marsh, Shiv Desai


As presented by Lee and Majors (2003), “The use of call and response is a familiar structure [within communities of color] for sustaining talk, for communicating perspective, and for marking engagement” (p. 64). In this paper we delineate the need for a call-and-response pedagogy in engaging students of color in a responsive, critically multicultural manner while creating opportunities for the expression of their cultural wealth. Drawing from over three years of experience as facilitators of an after-school poetry class in a Los Angeles area high school, we synthesize classroom dialogue and student poetry and writing to revel the potential of such mediums to generate reflexive pedagogy and classroom discourse.  We believe this approach offers the potential for teachers and students to engage in a collaborative, democratic process of naming oppressive structures.


Critical race theory, multicultural curriculum, multicultural pedagogy, race

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18251/ijme.v14i3.635

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