Sowing the Semillas of Critical Multicultural Citizenship for Latina/o Undocumented Youth: Spaces in School and out of School

Maria del Carmen Salazar, Lisa M. Martinez, Debora Ortega


The purpose of this study is to address how spaces in school and out of school support or constrain undocumented Latina/o youths’ development as critical multicultural citizens. We draw on data from a multi-phase, qualitative study to present findings indicating that the youths persevered through academic and civic engagement. Ultimately, the students drew from their liminal status—the space between legal and “illegal”—to become stewards of a cause. The analysis is limited to a subset of data on undocumented participants from a larger study of the pathways to mobility among Latina/o youth. 


Latina/o, undocumented, citizenship, in-school, out-of-school

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