Immigrant Parents’ Perspectives on Early Childhood Education and Care Practices in the Finnish Multicultural Context

Anna-Leena Lastikka, Lasse Lipponen


Although the number of immigrant families is increasing in Finland, the research on their perspectives on early childhood and care (ECEC) services is scarce. The objective of this small-scale case study was to increase the understanding of immigrant families’ perspectives on ECEC practices. Through the qualitative content analysis of interview-based data, four themes emerged as particularly important for working with immigrant families: (a) fostering dialogue and mutual understanding; (b) promoting cultural and linguistic diversity; (c) encouraging cooperative partnership; and (d) providing support and individualized attention. This study contributes to the development of more inclusive and supportive ECEC practices in order to better support families with immigrant backgrounds.


early childhood education practices, inclusion, immigrant families, parental perspective, Finland

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