Beyond US-Centered Multicultural Foundations on Race

James C. Jupp, Miryam Espinosa-Dulanto


Our conceptual essay begins with the recognition of the U.S. racialized tragedy and embattled discussions on race.  Within this tragedy and embattled discussion, we attempt to renew and reinvigorate authentic, dialogic, and vulnerable exchanges on race.  With this focus, we critique yet further advance multicultural foundations’ notions of racial identity predominant in the academy and in broader national discussions on race.  Critiquing yet advancing multicultural foundations, we emphasize conceptual content from five books on race and power by Cornel West.  Working through West’s conceptual content, we emphasize complex and historicized identifications and relationalities as key concepts in the present moment.


race, multicultural education, cosmopolitan education, multicultural identity, ethics

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