COVID-19, Distance Learning, and the Digital Divide: A Comparative Study of Higher Education Institutions in the US and Pakistan


  • Sunaina Asher Ball State University



Digital divide, distance education, COVID-19, Higher Education


This multiple case study describes the experiences of students, faculty and administrators with distance learning during this pandemic in the context of a Midwestern University in United States and an elitist University in Lahore, Pakistan. The participants were invited to talk about their experiences through a Zoom interview. Data were analyzed thematically and the findings revealed that the issue of the digital divide was as much as problem in higher education as in K-12. Digital divide in Pakistan is far greater due to lack of investment in educational technology. The paper ends with acknowledging the potential limitations and making recommendations for leadership and teaching practice.

Author Biography

Sunaina Asher, Ball State University

The author is from Pakistan and at present is an International Graduate Student in the Department of Educational Studies at Ball State University in Muncie, IN.



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