An Infused Approach to Multicultural Education in a Pre-service Teacher Program: Perspectives of Teacher Educators

Ann Dorothy Potts, Cheri Foster Triplett, Dana Gregory Rose


The purpose of the research was to examine a 5-year graduate elementary education program which holds the possibility of providing an “infused approach” leading to a transformative understanding of multicultural education. Through close evaluation we sought to understand the various learning experiences faculty members implemented to enhance pre-service teachers' understandings of how to teach in diverse contexts. The experiences include community-based experiences, school-based experiences, aesthetic experiences, and storytelling. In addition, we highlight frustrations, barriers, and tensions that teacher educators encountered over time as they participated in discussions and experiences related to multicultural education with pre-service teachers. With this knowledge we can address multicultural issues and enhance and transform pre-service teacher education.


multicultural teacher education; diversity; culturally responsive teaching

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