“Sometimes the Perspective Changes”: Reflections on a Photography Workshop with Multicultural Students in Italy


  • Robin L. Danzak Sacred Heart University




sociocultural animation, visual literacy, multilingual, plurilingual, immigrant


This article describes and evaluates an 8-week photography workshop, FotoLab, conducted in Italy at an afterschool-tutoring program for students acquiring Italian as an additional language. Seventeen students, age 8-17 and originating from 9 countries, participated. Co-facilitated by three international educator-researchers, FotoLab’s purpose was to promote self-expression, collaboration, and visual literacy. -Through a qualitative inquiry of the FotoLab curriculum, photographs and videos, field notes, and student questionnaires, this article reflects on themes of multiculturalism and multilingualism, collaboration, and visual literacy within a sociocultural animation framework. While expressions of cultural and linguistic identity emerged, findings emphasize the challenges and benefits of teamwork and shared learning. Participants expressed growth in their ability to create and interpret images, a perception affirmed in weekly presentations of their photographs and in a culminating, community event. Overall, outcomes highlight the flexible and dynamic nature of sociocultural animation as an effective practice for multicultural-multilingual contexts.

Author Biography

Robin L. Danzak, Sacred Heart University

Robin Danzak is an assistant professor of Speech-Language Pathology at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. Her research considers bilingual/plurilingual language, literacy, and identity of adolescents.




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Danzak, R. L. (2015). “Sometimes the Perspective Changes”: Reflections on a Photography Workshop with Multicultural Students in Italy. International Journal of Multicultural Education, 17(3), 56–75. https://doi.org/10.18251/ijme.v17i3.954



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